FOTO/INDUSTRIA 2021 – Palazzo Fava

Palazzo Fava , from 14/10/2021 to 28/11/2021


On Monday, November 1st, 2021, the exhibitions will be open.

For 2021, Foto/Industria, the most important biennial in the world dedicated to the photography on Industry and Work, organized by MAST Foundation, offers the public 11 exhibitions: 2 of these are hosted in the main floor of Palazzo Fava.




Salone “Mito di Giasone e Medea”

Herbert List is the champion of “metaphysical photography”. This term has been coined specifically to describe his work, in homage to the famous artistic movement by which it’s inspired. His typically classical and austere compositions have their roots in ancient Greek and Italian art. He frequently visited those places, and during a trip to the South in 1951, the year in which he joined the famous Magnum agency, he created the project presented in this exhibition. It’s made up of a series of 41 photographs taken on the Sicilian island of Favignana, and it represents both a fundamental document of local history and evidence of the German author’s artistic maturity. The work is centred on the typical tuna processing and in particular slaughter, a tradition that was alive in the local population at the time but destined to disappear. In a rare and calibrated sequence, List celebrates life and death, treating animals as mythical figures and observing the island workers as the last custodians of an archaic knowledge.



Factory of Original Desires

Sale “Le avventure di Enea”

Bernard Plossu, one of the main protagonists of French photography of the last fifty years, has been photographing the world with the same curious and cutting gaze, focusing on the smallest details of everyday life. Food is therefore inevitably one of the subjects on which he has been repeatedly focusing: this topic is investigated in this exhibition through an unprecedented selection of images, that mix topographical trends with the enchantment for the human figure. The great signs of the diners of the American West, where the author has spent many years of his life, are flanked by more or less man-made landscapes, still lifes of found objects and spontaneous portraits that highlight the complexity of the relationship between people and food. The latter, according to Plossu, is always hanging in the balance between attraction and need, desire and craving, pleasure and excess.


Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm.

Free access with the Foto/Industria badge.
Green Pass required.
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Palazzo Fava

via Manzoni 2, Bologna

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