Water itineraries

“Whether you go around the historical centre or you climb up to the Torre degli Asinelli, you never get the chance to see any canal (…) few people know that there are lots of water canals underground…” wrote a high school stundent after he found out that in Bologna, many years ago, there were canals instead of certain streets.
1° Meeting. A guided tour inside the Museum’s rooms to admire the artworks of famous artists that painted Bologna’s canals and to explore the immersive room that virtually reproduces the underground city. In the laboratory students can imagine and realize personal “views” of a city that no longer exists.
2° Meeting.Using a paper map, students go through an evocative itinerary in the streets of Bologna to discover traces and places related to the so called “city of waters”. From Palazzo Pepoli to the canale delle Moline, then towards the sluise of via Riva di Reno to arrive to the Canale del Cavaticcio and ending in the Salara, where the old harbour of Bologna was located. The activity is based on two appointments: the first meeting provides a guided tour and a workshop in the Museum; the second meeting includes the animated visit with didactic support throughout the city.