Parking and Limited Traffic Zone

The limited traffic zone in Bologna (ZTL) is a wide area situated in the historical centre of the city in which every day, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., access to vehicles is restricted. Entrance in the Limited Traffic Zone is controlled by the “electronic surveillance” Sirio.
Active passages are located in via Santo Stefano, via San Vitale, via Alessandrini, via Marconi, via Riva di Reno, via San Felice, via Sant’Isaia, via XII Giugno, via D’Azeglio, via Borgo di San Pietro, via Finelli, via Mascarella, via Capo di Lucca, via Bocca di Lupo, via degli Angeli.
Within the Limited Traffic Zone some sections are inaccessible 24/7: pedestrian areas and the “T” areas (via Rizzoli, via Indipendenza and via Ugo Bassi).

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In order to get to hotels and bed & breakfast situated in the historical centre, hotels’ managers will communicate to the Comune of Bologna, through authorized procedures, the number plates of their customers’ cars. In this way those cars will be authorized to enter the ZTL and will not be fined.

Tickets to access the Limited Traffic Zone

If you are not elegible to get a permission to enter the ZTL, you can purchase a daily ticket available in the TPER centres, in some authorised shops or in some supermarkets.

“T” Zone
The so called “T” zone is formed by via Ugo Bassi, Rizzoli and Indipendenza (Righi-Rizzoli part) and it is controlled by the video camera RITA. Here, access for private vehicles is forbidden 24/7. Access is allowed only to bicycles, electric or hybrid vehicles, scooters (also 3 wheel scooters) and autorized car sharing vehicles. Vehicles with DS, DSI and F signs are admitted only during certain time slots.

Every weekend from 8 a.m. on Saturday to 10 p.m. on Sunday and every public holiday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., the “T” area and via Caprarie, via Calzolerie, dell’Archiginnasio, de’ Falegnami, Strada Maggiore (from the Due Torri to P.zza San Michele), P.zza Re Enzo and P.zza Maggiore’s east side are open only to pedestrains and bicycles. To improve the accessibility into the city centre during T-days bus “T2” is available (it stops in P.zza Maggiore and goes around the “T” area every 15 minutes) as well as buses “T1”, “A”, “29B” and “30”, that link the city centre to different car parks: Tanari, Riva Reno, VIII Agosto, Sferisterio, Autostazione, Carracci, ex-Staveco, S. Orsola and Zaccherini-Alvisi, for a total of more than 4.500 car parks.

Univeristy Area

The area between vie Belle Arti and Belmeloro (north and south of via Zamboni) is only for bicycles and pedestrians: access to motor vehicles is forbidden 24/7, except for those authorized. Access is controlled by RITA videocameras, located in the passages of via Bertoloni and via Belmeloro.

Car Parks
If you prefer to park outside the ZTL, various car parks are available throughout the city.
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Further information:

call center TPER: +39 051 290290