Extended until 30 September 2020 – Women. Un mondo in cambiamento

Santa Maria della Vita , from 15/02/2020 to 30/09/2020

Two more weeks to visit Women. Un mondo in cambiamento, the photographic exhibition created in collaboration with the National Geographic Society is extended until next September 30th.

Women. Un mondo in cambiamento tells the story of women around the world: a complex story, full of difficulties, joy, love and redemption.

Through the lens of the greatest National Geographic reporters, women have been portrayed at every latitude and at every point in time for almost a century, to narrate the changes in their lives from different perspectives.

The result is a critical look at the global condition of women, celebrating their strength while simultaneously denouncing cultural inequalities.

Divided into six sections – Beauty / Bellezza, Joy / Gioia, Love / Amore, Strength / Forza, Hope / Speranza – the exhibition comprises a selection of images taken from the exceptional National Geographic archive, focusing on past, present and future challenges in different countries and historical periods.

Every image depicts specific aspects of female existence, showing how the figure of the woman and her representation have evolved over time. So, the festive images of samba dancers flocking to the streets during the carnival in Salvador da Bahia alternate with pictures of tea leaf pickers in Sri Lanka. The portrait of an Afghan woman in a red burqa carrying a cage of goldfinches on her head, a powerful metaphor of oppression, contrasts with the image of freedom and beauty captured during a cigarette break in Lagos, Nigeria.

100 years after the granting of voting rights to women in the United States, the exhibition reflects on the past, present and future of women, illustrating some of their key issues and focusing on the development goals that see them at the centre of every process of social, political and economic growth.

A further section of the exhibition is dedicated to Portraits / Ritratti, featuring intimate shots and biographies of a group of iconic women, political activists, scientists and celebrities interviewed by National Geographic for a special issue of the magazine published in November 2019, when Susan Goldberg became its first female editorial director.

Among the portraits are those of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the television host Oprah Winfrey, the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, and the Italian Life Senator Liliana Segre.

The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm (last entry 6:00 pm).

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Santa Maria della Vita

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