Criminis Imago. Images of crime in Bologna

Santa Maria della Vita , from 23/10/2020 to 27/06/2021

From the Banda Casaroli to the Dams crimes, from the massacre of August 2 to the Italicus up to the Uno Bianca: the exhibition “Criminis Imago. Images of crime in Bologna”, organized by Genus Bononiae. Museums in the city on the initiative of the President Prof. Fabio Roversi Monaco and realized in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna, the State Police and the Arma dei Carabinieri, presents for the first time together, 100 black and white shots of the photojournalists photoreporters? Walter Breveglieri (from 1949 to 1972) and Paolo Ferrari (for the period 1972-2000).

The exhibition, curated by the Chief Prosecutor of Bologna Giuseppe Amato and Marco Baldassari, head of the Ferrari Archive of Genus Bononiae, recounts 50 years of crimes and trials in Bologna that intersect with the history of the Nation: not just those committed in the shadow of the two towers, but also crimes committed in other cities and then landed in Bologna in the Supreme Court.

The photographs of the two reporters are divided into two sections. It begins with the shots of Breveglieri, which bring us back to the stories of the Banda Casaroli, which who? in the fall of 1950 sowed terror and death: a story that seduced the film director Florestano Vancini, who dedicated a film to the story. Among the criminal events that sparked the public debate at the time was that of Ambassador Ettore Grande, accused of having killed his wife in Bangkok, sentenced in Turin, then acquitted in the Court of Assizes in Bologna in 1951; that of Rina Fort, accused of the murder of her lover’s wife and three children, a trial that reached the Court of Cassation in Bologna in 1952, and the murder of Ombretta Galeffi at the hands of her husband Carlo Nigrisoli, sentenced in instance to life imprisonment for the poisoning of the woman.

It continues with Ferrari’s photographs: the dramatic images of the massacres of the Italicus, the Rapido 904 and the Bologna station taken on August 2, 1980, up to the numerous murders of the Savi brothers, sadly famous as the Banda Uno Bianca. And again the place of Francesca Alinovi’s murder and the finding of Angelo Fabbri’s body, included in the too casual definition of ‘Dams crimes‘, and the dramatic kidnapping of the bolognese businessman Eugenio Gazzotti, the terrorism with the trials of Ordine Nero and Prima Linea, Giusva Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro.

The exhibition itinerary includes – in addition to the images of the forensic investigation – also some vintage objects: cameras, an optical bench of 1903 of the Scientific Police, historical uniforms of the police forces, up to the motorcycles and cars of the Police and the Arma dei Carabinieri – including a 1939 Topolino and a 1961 Giulietta – exhibited in the courtyard of Palazzo Pepoli. Museum of the History of Bologna – free access.

The scientific committee makes use of the experience of Carlo Lucarelli who together with Susi Pelotti and Luigi Stortoni signed the texts of the catalog published by Edizioni Minerva, owner of the Walter Breveglieri’s Fotowall Archive.

Criminis Imago 1021 Criminis Imago 1237 Criminis Imago 1325

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