Bologna’s Industry

San Giorgio in Poggiale , from 15/10/2019 to 15/01/2020

The economic renaissance from the second post-war period to the 1980s in the images of the Fototecnica archive

Until January 15th 2020 in San Giorgio in Poggiale (via Nazario Sauro, 20/2) it will be possible to visit the photo exhibition “Bologna’s Industry. The economic renaissance from the second post-war period to the 1980s in the images of the Fototecnica archive “, organized by the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation in Bologna and Genus Bononiae. Museums in the city, curated by Cinzia Frisoni.

The exhibition aims to offer the public a synthesis of the variety of industrial production of those years, in which Bologna, starting from the 1950s, lives what is called “a Bolognese economic miracle“, with particular attention to the way of documenting photographically categories of objects and products very distant from each other.

The exhibition itinerary, divided into 10 thematic sections and consisting of 110 photographs (modern prints from digital scans of the original negatives on a glass plate), all coming from the Fototecnica collection – kept in the archive of the Library of San Giorgio in Poggiale – offers a cross-section exhaustive and multifaceted of the productive variety, strong point of the Bolognese area industry: from the mechanical sector to the agri-food, chemical-pharmaceutical and radioelectric sector, from the images of life in the factory to fashion or furnishing-related services.

The Fototecnica fund represents an iconographic source of great importance for the documentation of the economic life of the city of Bologna and the neighboring areas, from the Second World War to the Eighties. Over forty years of photographic shoots accompany the evolution and development of the great mechanical industry, but also of crafts and numerous other business sectors, thus becoming a valuable tool for historical documentation.

On the occasion of the exhibition there will be 4 meetings that will take place in the Library of Art and History of San Giorgio in Poggiale, all with free admission:

Tuesday 22 October 2019, 5.30 pm, Cinzia Frisoni, Photographing the work: diving in the Fototecnica archive

Tuesday 5 November 2019, 5.30 pm, Gianluigi Bovini, The miracle of reconstruction

Tuesday 26 November 2019, 5.30 pm, Riccardo Vlahov, The factory of images

Tuesday 3 December 2019, 5.30 pm, Industrial photography and commissioning, meeting with some entrepreneurs, will be attended by Patrizia Bauer (Casale Bauer), Giangiacomo Zabban (Farmac-Zabban), Gianfranco Dondarini (Viro).

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San Giorgio in Poggiale

via Nazario Sauro 20/2, Bologna

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