The Louvre paintings have arrived: the Polyptych is now complete

Palazzo Fava

The last two panels of the Griffoni Polyptych, depicting Saint Apollonia and Saint Michael Archangel, gracefully painted by Ercole de’ Roberti have finally come “home”. The arrival of the two missing pieces from the Louvre, where they had remained over the last two months due to the restrictive measures related to the Covid epidemic, means that all of the paintings belonging to the Griffoni Polyptych that are known to date can now finally be admired together.

The Cineteca di Bologna is also paying homage to the Griffoni Polyptych: on Saturday 25 July, as part of the film festival “Sotto le stelle del cinema”, the documentary short film The Rediscovery of a Masterpiece – Il Polittico Griffoni produced by 3D Produzioni exclusively for Sky Arte will be shown on the big screens of Piazza Maggiore and BarcArena. Shot in the weeks preceding the lockdown, the film tells the story of a monumental work scattered across the world, focusing on the people and events involved in its history and return home, together with art-historical insights from curators and scholars.

An exceptional event for the history of art has finally come to fruition: we look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition, to admire one of the greatest masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance up close.


Palazzo Fava

via Manzoni 2, Bologna