The Griffoni polyptych at your place

From December 4th, Palazzo Fava virtually re-opens the door of the exhibition “The rediscovery of a masterpiece” which has recomposed the Renaissance masterpiece of the Ferrara painters Francesco del Cossa and Ercole de’ Roberti after 300 years from its dismemberment. A unique opportunity for those who could not see live the 16-surviving works of the magnificent lost altarpiece.

The Virtual Tour, which allows you to visit the online exhibition, consists of a long journey through the various rooms of Palazzo Fava which with various tags are transmitted to the visitor not only to listen to the narrator that explains the work and the cultural context in which it was created, but also to see short videos that go into the detail of each panel with curiosities and anecdotes about the figures represented.

The high quality of the digitization allows the visitor to zoom in on the works without losing the slightest detail, thoroughly investigating the hand of Saint Lucia and her flowery eyes, the plasticity of the San Floriano that tries to climb over the window sill from which dreamy and elegant architectures that form the background to the tables of the central register of the work, in search of animals hidden among the rocks.


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