Music in San Colombano – 2015/2016 Season

San Colombano , from 22/10/2015 to 19/06/2016

In the 2015-16 musical season, that will take place in San Colombano, the sound characteristics of the collection of instruments will be enhanced through the execution of compositions suitable for each of them. Other musical instruments will also be “guests” .

During the first performance, due on Thursday October 22nd, new acquisitions and reconstructions on historical models will be presented, such as a 17th century French regal, a clavicymbalum, a clavichordium, a 14th century portative organ and table organ and a copy of Nicolò Albana’s harpsichord in its first version (1584).

As usual, there will be a concert for Christmas; another one dedicated to S. Caterina De’ Vigri and her “violetta” (November 19th).

The meeting with young musicians that will test their ability with “antique keyboards” will also be renewed.

Among the varoius themes treated are: “The piano through time”, “Music for violins and keyboard instruments during the18th century in Italy”, “The art of singing”,  “Cello, small cello, arpeggione and baryton”.

In June, during the “Italy and Spain Festival –Spanish culture days”, a collaboration with the Royal College of Spain will start. Moreover, a collaboration with the Philarmonic Academy of Bologna is also scheduled.

Besides evening concerts there will also be conferencesseminars and musical afternoons in collaboration with our Musical Conservatory and other Italian and European important music schools and institutions.

Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini

Click here to download the 2015-16 season programme of evening concerts

Click here to download the 2015-16 season programme of musical afternoons


San Colombano

via Parigi 5, Bologna