Adotta la cultura – The museum is fashionable

Palazzo Pepoli

Adotta la cultura and making museum of Genus Bononiae your second home.
Come, discover, live, study and make them a must for your days!

“Adotta la cultura – The museum is fashionable” is the new initiative of Genus Bononiae, realized with the support and collaboration of Confcommercio Ascom Bologna, which invites the citizens of Bologna and tourists to live, visit and discover the museums of the itinerary.
The project involves the retailer of the “Quadrilatero”area and Galleria Cavour and two museums of Genus Bononiae that are located in the area of ​​the old market: Palazzo Pepoli. Museum of the History of Bologna and the Monumental Complex of Santa Maria della Vita.
In the shops and boutiques of the historical center, they are available two bookmarks that gives a special promotion to all the people that will decide to visit the two museums.
The campaign “Adotta la cultura – The museum is fashionable” will finish in July with a big party at Palazzo Pepoli, opened to the whole city.


Palazzo Pepoli

via Castiglione 8, Bologna