Palazzo Fava , 04/10/2020

On the occasion of October 4, the anniversary of Saint Petronio, patron of Bologna, and of San Francesco d’Assisi, all those who celebrate their name day (Francis/Frances and Petronius) will be honored with a free entrance ticket to the exhibition “The Rediscovery of a Masterpiece” dedicated to the Griffoni Polyptych .

A way to celebrate the author of the work, Francesco Del Cossa, and the place for which the Polyptych was born, the Basilica of San Petronio: the magnificent altarpiece adorned the chapel of the Griffoni family inside the church town.

We are waiting for you!

Just show your identity document at the ticket office of Palazzo Fava to receive the free ticket.

Happy name day!


Palazzo Fava

via Manzoni 2, Bologna