Cookie policy

This informative notice about the use of cookies on the web portal’s domain is provided pursuant to the actualization of the provision issued by the Data Protection Authority on 8 May, 2014 regarding: “The identification of simplified measures regarding personal data and consent requested in the use of cookies” and pursuant to article no.13 of the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree number 196/2003).

Definition of cookies

Cookies are small text files created by web browsers and stored on the User’s computer or mobile device that are sent back every time the User goes back to the same websites.
During web surfing, the User can also receive other cookies sent from different servers or websytes (so called third party cookies), that contain some elements (such as: images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of different domains) visible on the website the user is visiting.
Cookies are used for different purposes in order to offer a rapid and safe digital experience. For example, they allow you to maintain the active connection in the protected area during web browsing; they safely memorize the User’s ID and password; they can customize the home page or identify the pages of the website the User has already visited to make sure they will not be proposed again.
Cookies that have been memorized on a computer cannot be used to attract any data from the user’s hard disk and they cannot transmit any virus or identify and use any e-mail address.

Function of cookies

The cookies used in this portal are necessary as they allow the authentication, validation and management of a web browsing session, they are also used for fraud prevention.

Types of cookies

Cookies are divided into two fundamental macro-categories with different characteristics: “technical cookies” and “profiling cookies”.
Thecnical cookies guarantee the correct functioning of the website and they allow normal web browsing; without them it would not be possible to properly display web pages or to use images, maps, sounds or specific links to different domains’pages on the website the User is visiting.

  • A) Technical cookies can be further divided into:
    Functional cookies: These cookies provide additional functionalities and they allow to memorize the User’s choices, for example language selection or the character size used.
    Performance cookies – or session cookies: they guarantee proper web browsing and fruition (for example they allow the User to finalize a purchase or to have access to reserved areas); The information these cookies collect are aggregated, therefore anonymous, and are not used to collect Users’ personal data for advertising purposes.
    Cookies analytics They are used directly by the website’s manager in order to collect information, in aggregated form, about the number of visitors to the site and how they visit the site. The data collected will be processed either in paper or electronic format.
  • B) Profilation cookies: aimed at creating Users’profiles, they are used to send advertising messages according to the preferences shown by the User while web browsing.

Museo della Città di Bologna s.r.l declares to use on its web portal, managed by Museo della Città di Bologna s.r.l, profilation cookies in order to offer pertinent advertising messages, based on the User’s previous visits to the site, on the most frequently visited pages and how the User uses its products and/or services.
Although these cookies do not collect information that can lead to personal identification, but since these devices may be somehow invasive in the Users’ private sphere, and by virtue of the Italian and European regulations about adequately informing Users on the usage of cookies, we expressively ask you in advance to give your consent.
Not giving your consent makes it impossible to access the website.

The data collected will be processed in either paper or electronic format.
Data controller is Museo della Città di Bologna s.r.l
Data processor is Museo della Città di Bologna s.r.l